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About Ian Tester

I thought I'd put together this page to describe a little about myself. And also to help people that might be looking for me, for example with Google. Here's a short history of my life. You might find it interesting or you might be wondering if I'm the same Ian Tester that you worked with or went to school with. I have a fairly uncommon name but I have found a few people with the same name using Google.


My name is Ian Tester. I was born on the NSW central coast. I went to Berkeley Vale public school until the end of year 4. My family then moved to Kelso, a suburb of Bathurst. I started year 5 at Kelso public school, and then started year 7 at Kelso high school. I finished year 12 at the end of 1994.

After high school I went to the local Mitchell campus of Charles Sturt University in Bathurst. There I studied for a computer science degree, but after three years I had grown steadily disinterested in the classes. I decided that I would defer and look for a job. After nearly 6 months I landed a programming job in Sydney.

In mid 1998 I found a job as a computer programmer at a small company called Stone Microsystems in Willoughby. In a whirl-wind few days, my parents and I managed to find a room to rent very close by in Roseville. Even though I changed jobs a few times, I lived in the one place for almost five years. That first employer had financial difficulties and for a time we worked out of a house, also near by.

Ian Tester