Article History

April 2009





Andrew and Alissa are visiting with the kids for Easter.


I put a roll of Fuji Superia 400 in my Electro 35 and took some photos. We took the kids up to the local park and played there.


Alissa's birthday at her father's house. I was meaning to take both my Electro 35 and Ricoh XR-20sp, but left the Electro at home. So I put another roll of Fuji Superia 400 in the XR-20 and took photos. I had taken a few shots before I realised I had again left the shutter speed dial on 1/2000 from winding the film on at the start.

Note to self: When you're surprised that the camera has selected a fast shutter speed in a dim environment, it may be too good to be true.

After I turned the dial back to ‘P’ I found that the main room of the house was indeed quite dim and needed exposure times unsuitable for hand-held shots of people. Even my Rikenon 1:2.0 50 mm didn't help a lot.

I soon finished that roll and put in a bulk-loaded roll of Ilford HP5+. Damn, I should have rated it at EI 800.

developed in HC-110 1:64 (dilution H) for 10 min (20°C)


Finished the roll of Superia 400 in my Electro 35.

I put another bulk-loaded roll of Ilford HP5+ in and set the film speed dial to EI 800, something I should have done last night with the other roll of HP5+. Now I'll have to develop them separately.

developed in HC-110 1:32 (dilution B) for 7.5 min (20°C)


Glenn and Tania visited with Tania's brother Anthony. I finished the roll of HP5+ in my Electro photographing them playing in the backyard. Andrew and Alissa left with the kids.