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April 2012





Mum and Dad went out and bought enough LED replacement ‘bulbs’ for all of the kitchen and hallway downlights. Wow, they are bright! And they're rated for a 25 year life. If they last that long the ~$200 will be worth it.

Went and had a late birthday lunch for Dad at the Vanilla Bean in town. Andrew, Liss, and the kids joined us. I met them out on the street when I went out to get my backpack with my camera from the car. We sat out the back, like we always do. The meal was lovely and the kids got to play around. Sarah brought her usual pile of stuff to colour-in and an notebook from school. She was writing out number series, first 10~100 in tens, then 5~100 in fives. She missed out 15.


My phone arrived! At 9:47... Ugh. I was scared when I pulled out the box and it said “MB860” on it. Didn't I need the "ME860"? The box also said it works on 850/900/1900/2100 bands, so maybe it's alright. I plugged it in to charge up and then started the setup process. The device must be from Italy because the interface started in Italian. I needed to put my SIM card in before it allowed me to start setting up MotoBlur and the Google account stuff.

I didn't like MotoBlur so I started up my desktop computer and started looking for instructions on unlocking the Atrix. I used tayshun12's howto, which was written much better than some of the other XDA forum posts on how to do stuff. My phone was soon unlocked and had romracer's recovery image flashed to it. Then it was off to find a ROM to install. I found Notorious544d's Neutrino ROM (based on CM7) and downloaded the various packages for it. It was really fiddly operating the recovery with only the volume toggle and power button as inputs. But I eventually got Neutrino and all of its add-ons installed. Rebooted and I have a lovely CM7 phone! Boy is it quick!

I plugged my Atrix into the TV downstairs using the included HDMI cable. Cool. The picture looks quite pixelated though.

My glasses are back from the optometrists with the left arm fixed.

Installed ROM Manager on my phone. It had an option to flash something called “ClockworkMod Touch”, but only for the premium version. But it said it could also be downloaded from their site and installed manuall. So I did that, but it didn't work. Touching the screen didn't do anything! Damn.

Downloaded Nottach's NottachTrix4G ROM, based on MotoBlur. It was quite a big download, almost 400 MB! Neutrino was only 50 MB, plus another 50 MB of add-ons. The HDMI mirroring worked better, and included a “mirror resolution” app. It had defaulted to 1080p, which looked great. Changing own to 720p made it look like it did before, all pixelated. Looking through the XDA forums reveals that the non-MotoBlur ROMs use "LGE's method" (driver?). I hope this situation improves in the future.

I still didn't like the MotoBlur interface, so I restored the Neutrino backup.


Installed CM9 on my Atrix. I'm still not too keen on the ICS interface changes. It was also kinda buggy, with some things still not working. The web browser would exit if it was rotated.


Showed Dad the face-unlock feature of CM9. Then I restored the backup of Neutrino 2.6 because of the problems with CM9.

Came across a thread by sublimejosh2000 about ClockworkMod Touch recovery. I tried the latest version and it again didn't work. I then tried the previous version, It worked! I can now installed ROMs and other updates by simply touching the screen instead of the awkward use of the volume rocker and power switch.

I was wondering about my Atrix not getting good wifi reception. Our WAP is only a few metres away from my desk here in my room, but there is a brick wall and possibly other stuff in the ceiling cavity (like the air-conditioning unit) that get in the way. My Milestone doesn't get great signal strength up here, but the Atrix seems to have extra trouble. I did some searching on the XDA forums and someone mentioned re-flashing a radio package. They linked to zadriga's Atrix Radios thread. I downloaded all of the N_01.100.00R radios, because that's what my phone already had.

So I flashed the Asia radio first. Looking on Wikipedia for use of various UMTS bands, it seemed that Asia also used the same bands we do i.e 850/900/2100. But when it booted things quickly turned weird. Messages quickly popped up telling me that certain programs had force-closed. Pressing the power button made the screen go strange and turn off. And not turn back on. So I pulled the battery and went back into recovery. The “Australia Telstra” radio also gave the same results once booted. Shit. I was really starting to get scared now. What if I've fucked up my phone just two days after getting it? And it was getting light outside. Pulled the battery again and flashed the European radio. It worked! Phew... Off to bed.


Finally found the location of the awesome greyscale wallpaper that randomly appeared on my phone yesterday. It looks like Notorious544d had put two wallpapers in the LauncherPro APK. So I extracted them and copied them to my Atrix.

Went to the local Chinese restaurant with Mum and Dad like we do now every fortnight. My Atrix didn't want to get a GPS lock. I wonder if flashing the new radio image this morning did something? So on the drive down I rebooted into recovery and flashed the “” from the GPS add-on from Neutrino. Rebooted and GPS worked again. Ah, the fun of an unlocked phone and rooting around in its inner workings. Or, at least, installing packages that root around in its inner workings.