Article History

August 2007





Put in a longer experimental roll of Ilford HP5+ with almost 26 exposures, pushed to EI 800.


Went out with Glenn and Tania looking for places for wedding photos. All of the “practice” photos of them were taken with Dad's Olympus digital camera because it allowed them to see the photos on the screen. They eventually used one of the photos for the wedding invitations. I took my Ricoh XR-20sp with the 28-100 zoom but only got photos of the scenery.


The second half of the last roll has photos of my niece and nephew when my brother Andrew visited with his family. Some more photos from that visit are on a second roll. I finished it off with fisheye photos from around the house.


Started my last roll of Provia 100F for the lunar eclipse. I've lost the notes for this roll.

I used my Ricoh KR-5 super Ⅱ, which has a broken light meter. This wasn't a problem for the eclipse photos, but I hadn't finished the whole roll and had to finish off the roll on other stuff. I photographed some flowers and trees against the sky with a polariser filter, but used my unfiltered spot meter to determine the exposures. They're underexposed by at least a stop.