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August 2009





Finished off the roll of NPS 160 in my Pentacon Six by shooting the frost in the back yard.

to be processed


I went into town by bus for a few things. I got a $20 recharge for my prepaid mobile phone account. Vodafone's dropped the price of Internet data transfers, so I'll be going through recharges even slower now. I put the roll of 220 film I finished yesterday in at Alans. It will be ready on Wednesday afternoon.

I walked down to the old gas works to take some photos. When is it going to be knocked down? Anyway, the tall weeds around the side were mostly dead now, although the grass was at least ankle high. So I walked around and up onto the train tracks to get a photo, but my camera didn't want to work. I tried everything but eventually decided the batteries must have been dead. I haven't changed them since I bought the camera over two years ago. So it was then a three block walk back up to the CBD to look for somewhere selling some SR44 batteries. I got four at Woolies ($4.17 each!), put them in, and my camera was happy again.

It was getting close to the time when another bus could take me home, so I took a short walk up to the Presbyterian church. I didn't take any photos, plus I narrowly missed the bus leaving for Kelso. Damn.

So, with another hour to kill I trudged down to the gas works site again. I got my few photos, as well as some under the rail bridge. Well, it's not quite a bridge; the railway line remains flat (the station is on the next block) and the road dips underneath it.

Back to the bus stop and back home. Three hours of walking around town, spending money, and taking a few photos too. It was tiring. I should do it more often, with quicker objectives and checking my equipment before leaving.


Packed up my Pentacon Six and sent it off to Camera Check Point in Dubbo for repair. I also sent off four rolls of Provia 100F to Vision Graphics to be processed. And finally, I picked up the processed roll of NPS 160 from Eastmon (a.k.a Alans). Now I just need to scan the photos.

While I was in town, I went for a little walk looking for things to photograph. I ended up back at Machattie park and photographed the fountain behind the courthouse.

I really need to find more places to photograph in town.