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December 2008

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Baby-sat my niece and nephew with Mum and Dad. I stayed overnight while Mum and Dad slept in a hotel. They both snore very loudly and there's no way I could share a room with them.


Spent most of the day with my brother and his family. I put a roll of Fuji Superia 400 in my Ricoh XR-20sp and took photos of my niece and nephew, finishing the roll at a petrol station on the way home.


Went out and took photos of Christmas lights on people's houses around Kelso and Bathurst. I used my second-last roll of Fuji Provia 400X in my Pentacon Six.

to be scanned


Went to the Bathurst Miniature Railway with Andrew and Alissa and their kids, and Glenn and Tania.

I cleaned the light-barrier material (felt? velour?) on my bulk film loader. When I used it last year it always scratched my film and dented my enthusiasm for bulk-loaded film and even film development in general. I'm hoping the clean has fixed (or alleviated) this problem.

So for today I used the bulk loader to load up two new 36+ exposure rolls of Ilford HP5+ and used almost a complete roll in my Ricoh XR-20sp at the miniature railway.

Developed in HC-110 1:64 (dilution H) for 10:30 min (19-20°C).


I started the second roll of bulk-loaded HP5+ to photograph Mum's birthday. Well, a little.

Developed in HC-110 1:64 (dilution H) for 10:30 min (19-20°C).


We had a rather strong but brief storm go over us. A large part of a tree in the front yard broke off in the strong winds and narrowly missed Andrew and Alissa's car. I photographed the damage and various things during the following blackout.


I finished off the roll of HP5+ with general Christmas snaps.

Then I put in a roll of Superia 400.


Storm damage down on Learmonth park.


Put in another roll of Superia 400 to photograph Glenn's 25th birthday. I've been going through a fair bit of film lately and actually took a few shots before realising my camera was empty!

My flash (well, Dad's actually) suddenly decided to stop working. So I had to make do without, using my 1:2.0 50 mm Rikenon lens fully open and then using the crappy little Ricoh flash. Ouch, I'm never using that again!


Put in my first roll of Lucky SHD100 (which had arrived the day before) into my Pentacon Six. I photographed my niece and nephew playing indoors and in the backyard.

Developed in HC-110 1:32 (dilution B) for 7 min (20°C).