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Lots of rain in the region. The highway was cut down to one lane each way due to large pools of water (they really need to fix that) and the low Hereford st bridge is closed. Will this affect my getting to the hospital tomorrow?


Mum drove me into the private hospital. The highway was still down to two lanes. I went through the same procedure as last time. I was wheeled into the anaesthetic bay (just outside the operating theatre) and waited. The same anaesthetist as last time came out and saw me. He knew the surgeon wanted to check on the state of my fistula to save having another almost pointless procedure, so he waited. The surgeon eventually came out and checked. It was still there so he quickly went over again what he was going to do - run a “line” through it to find where it comes out, and then cut it open to drain and heal.

So the anaesthetist put in my catheter (ouch) and asked me about my experience last time. I told him I was dizzy and became nauseous if I was upright for longer than a few minutes, and that I felt crappy for at least 24 hours. So he decided to use a different drug, Propofol. I asked him how many anaesthetics there were and he said about 50 and that each anaesthetist was different (something the nurse had said when she was putting on my electrodes for the ECG).

I was wheeled into the operating theatre and left on the bed. When I asked about there being no operating table I was told that they'd do it right on the bed. A nurse asked me to roll onto my side and then the anaesthetist started injecting several syringes of drugs into my IV line. I started drifting off then.

I woke up in the recovery room and went through the fun process of waiting for the anaesthetic to wear off. I was looked after by Fiona, the chatty nurse who had prepared me last time. She told me that Propofol wore off faster and that it was the drug Michael Jackson used to get sleep (and which eventually killed him). Dad picked me up and I was still a little dizzy but the ride home was okay. When I got home I didn't rest much before getting something to eat, chatting on IM with Tania, and preparing a photo for upload to dA/Flickr. I didn't feel 100%, but I was feeling alright for someone who'd been in surgery just a few hours earlier. The after-effects of Propofol were much nicer than whatever it was they gave me last time!


Went over to Andrew and Alissa's again to look after the kids while Alissa had a driving lesson. Andrew called me just as we left to say he'd arrived home but we went over anyway. The kids played with home-made playdough which was quite sticky. Andrew and Dad spent most of the time talking while I spent most of my time with the kids.


Post-op check-up with the surgeon. He said I'd been keeping the wound clean and it would take another 2-3 weeks for it to heal completely. He gave me a some advice - things to watch out for in the future - and then sent me on my way.

In the evening we heard that Andrew had come off his motorbike on Mount Panorama.


Visited Andrew and Alissa to check on him after his crash. They were all down in the garage with Dave Prior. He left soon after and Andrew got do his little show-and-tell for us then. A few things were broken off his bike, including the pedal on the gear-change lever (tricky!) and the bracket for the passenger foot pegs (also used to secure stuff with occy-straps). The cargo bracket and the tubes it attached to were bent from pushing against Andrew's left leg. Those things are easily replaced, but the expensive part is the steering being out of alignment.


One of my Christmas presents came early, a Zalman CNPS8700 NT cooler. I convinced Mum that I needed it with the increased summer heat and installed it in my computer. My dual-core Athlon Ⅱ CPU is no monster, but running both cores at 100% for just a few minutes raises the temperature past the 60°C alarm level. Maybe I should just set the alarm to 70°C, but I felt 60 was hot enough. The Zalman cooler kept the temperature to 54°C, even after half an hour of maxing both cores with Luxrender. But it is noisier. Damn. A Google search turned up some forums saying that Zalman has a reputation for having noisy fans. But one said the fan could be easily replaced, so I might try that some time.

Beyond that, my desire for a quiet system might drive me to water cooling, or even oil cooling!


Grandpa and Margaret arrived. They're staying in a hotel down on the highway. They eventually came over in the evening.


Mum's birthday. And Grandma Tester arrived.We went to Jack Duggans Irish pub in town. Unlike the last time I was there, no band was playing at ear-splitting levels. Andrew and Alissa pulled up in their car just after we did. The kids were excited to see us and were pretty well behaved, although they did run about a little. But being a pub, it didn't cause any drama. Andrew must have been in a bad mood or something though. When we finally left, the kids wanted to see the Christmas lights on the council chambers. I suggested we walk over (it wasn't far) but Andrew said no because the kids had not sat on their arses the whole night like us adults.



I put a roll of Superia in my Electro 35.

The kids got lots of presents. I gave them a small solar-recharged LED keyring torch and a Doctor Who poster. The posters weren't as cheap as I first thought, especially with the laminating. Trouble is that they can't put hooks into the walls of their place, or even any tape/adhesive. So I‘m not sure what they’ll be able to do.


Scott arrived with his girlfriend Shannon.


Grandpa and Margaret left. They spent most of their time in the hotel room, not going out, and even when they were here we didn't interact much. They should have gone to New Zealand as was originally planned.


Grandma Tester left.

Since Scott and Shannon are leaving tomorrow, we had an early birthday dinner for Glenn. We ordered meals from two restaurants - one Thai and the other Chinese. Andrew played a fair bit of GTA4 on Scott's PS3. Later Glenn played more Force Unleashed Ⅱ.


Glenn's birthday.

Scott and Shannon left.


Went and saw Tron: Legacy in 3D at the movie theatre with Mum and Glenn. It was a pretty good movie but the ending was unsatisfying. The CGI used to render C.L.U. and young Kevin Flynn was not the best either. His skin looked plasticy and sometimes his movements (both body/head and facial) were quite wooden. A few times I was struck by how similar it looked to the cut-scene animations of MGS4 or GTA4 I'd seen on Scott's PS3 the previous few days. Was this the “uncanny valley” at work, or just lazy animation? I also would have liked some more explanation of what was going on e.g what other “powers” did Kevin Flynn (as a superuser?) have on The Grid? How did the Iso's come about?