Article History

February 2007





Started a roll of Provia 100F. I tried to get a Panorama from the roof with the help of Scott. Also shot some trees, sky, dew, moon, all sorts of stuff.

Media:A new dayMedia:Into the void


Started a roll of Ilford FP4+ as I was walking across Bathurst trying to find a place to mount some prints for entry in the Bathurst Show photography competition. I got a few shots in MacHattie park. Later I got some good shots of Sarah, Zach and Ellie.

Media:Fountain and courthouseMedia:Little screen attractionMedia:AlissaMedia:Two sisters, two childrenMedia:Double licking

I entered six photos in the Royal Bathurst Show photography competition.


Started a roll of Velvia. I shot the usual sky, clouds, and sunsets. Tried to capture fireworks at the Bathurst Show, and Bathurst at night.

Media:Monster cloud