Article History

February 2008





Andrew and Alissa arrived with the kids. I loaded a roll of Fuji NPZ 800 into my Pentacon Six.

I hadn't had the first roll (through my P6) developed at the time, so I did't know if there were frame spacing problems. I used Rolf-Dieter Baier’s film advance instructions for this roll.


I finished the roll on Sunday when Gary and Ellie (Alissa's father and sister) were visiting.


Entered eleven photos into the Royal Bathurst Show photography competition.


Visited Scott in Canberra. Took my Ricoh XR-20sp with several lenses and started a roll of Velvia. Got some shots from the top of Mount Ainslie, but there was a fair bit of haze so I'm not confident the photos will come out looking very good.

I also took my Pentacon Six but didn't get a chance to use it.


I tried to load a roll of Konica-Minolta Centuria pro 400, but accidentally dropped it. It unrolled, exposing a lot of the film. Oh well, at least now I know what a 220 roll looks like! Perhaps I can use this sacrificed roll to conduct tests on the advancement mechanism.

I took another roll out of the fridge and loaded it in. Mum and I drove up to Mount Panorama for some night photos of Bathurst and the surrounding area. On the way home we stopped for some photos of the carillon and war memorial. They were lit rather well, but the courthouse wasn't.