Article History

February 2009




Received new photographic chemicals in the mail. I got a bottle of Kodak HC-110, Agfa Agefix, a collapsible bottle for storing the diluted fixer, and funnels.


I made up two rolls of bulk-loaded Ilford HP5+.

I was in town getting a bunch of prints mounted so they could be entered into the Bathurst Show photographic competition. I had some time to kill so I walked up to the memorial parkm in front of the court house and loaded one of the rolls. I started photographing the carillon and court house with my 50 mm lens, walking through to MacHattie Park. I realised then that I still had the shutter speed dial set to 1/2000th from loading the film, instead of ‘P’. It was only a handful of shots and hopefully they weren't too underexposed.

I got some more photos of the fountain there. Then I put on my Zenitar fisheye lens with the green filter. I focused on the bandstand, using the distortion in hopefully interesting ways.

Developed in HC-110 1:32 (dilution B) for 10 min (20°C).


More playing around with my fisheye.

Entered eight photos into the Royal Bathurst Show photography competition.


Finished off the first roll of HP5+ photographing my niece and nephew playing in the back yard.


Put in a roll of Fuji Superia 400 and photographed my niece and nephew opening Zac's late birthday presents.


Got some indoor shots of my niece and nephew drawing in their scrapbooks.


Finally finished off the roll Superia 400 as my Brother and his family are leaving.


Disassembled and replaced the “pad of death” in my Electro 35 using Yashica Guy's instructions. It now makes the correct “thunk” sound when the shutter is cocked.


Made up a short roll of Ilford HP5+ and took some test shots around the house with my Electro 35. I shot the first few before remembering to put in the battery, but they still came out alright.

Developed in HC-110 1:32 (dilution B) for 10 min (20°C).