Article History

February 2010





Got a lift into town in the morning. Put a roll of Acros 100 into my Electro 35; spent an hour and a bit photographing old buildings and other stuff in Bathurst.

Took a bus home. Walked past a burnt-out car in the middle of Kabbera Boulevard. The same shitheads who did this also broke a window on Dad's car out the front of our place and looked for stuff to steal.


Andrew and Alissa visited with the kids. I didn't take any photos!

Andrew was up at the mount most days photographing various motor racing events leading up to and including the Bathurst 12 hour. One major problem - both of his lenses were broken. One of his zooms had broken a year or two ago and his other broke more recently. He had had some time to find and order a replacement(s) but had left it too late. He had found one through eBay in Sydney but it didn't arrive until they had returned home.

So Andrew borrowed some of my lenses, a useful consequence of our gear both using the same lens mount - Pentax K (mine are Ricoh bodies and assorted lenses, his a Pentax K100D super and two Sigma lenses). Using manual focus prime lenses was a new experience for Andrew, made a little more difficult by the metering on his “crippled” camera not working well (or at all?) with lenses that have manual (non-“A”) aperture rings. But he still managed to get some good photos. My 1:1.4 50 mm gave him better performance in the low light of early morning. My Zenitar fisheye didn't give him the full fisheye distortion because of the sensor crop of his digital camera, but it still operated as a decent wide-angle lens.


Drove down to Canberra for a quick late-21st-birthday get-together.

Went to the Canberra Show. Loaded some Superia 400 into my XR-20sp and took some photos.

Saw a Scientology stall, as well as another loaded with anti-psychiatry propaganda run by their CCHR front organisation. I was not impressed.

We eventually met up with Scott, but left separately. We later had dinner with Scott at a nice Japanese restaurant.


Had lunch with Scott before leaving.

On the way back, went up to a lookout over Cowra and got some photos.