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Ians panoramas

Here's some panoramic photos I composed back in late 2004.

I used the following tools:

Bathurst and Kelso panoramas

Bathurst sunset

Media:Panorama-Bathurst sunset

Here's a nice panorama looking over Bathurst just after sunset. I started off just getting some nice photos of the sunset but then decided to see if I could get enough photos to make a panorama. Anyone who's taken photos around sunset will know just how quickly the light changes, especially after sunset. I'm no professional photographer by any means, but I know that much. So I was in a rush to get a good set before the light disappeared entirely. It took me just under 3 minutes to take the 11 photos, with 1 second exposures.

Bathurst sunshower

Media:Panorama-Bathurst sunshower

This is a mini-panorama made from 4 photos. They were taken in October 2004, just after a quick downpour. It was just before sunset and the mist from the rain caught the sunlight in a spectacular way. Unfortunately the photos didn't quite capture just how spectacular it was, but they still look good.

Kelso rooftop

Media:Panorama-Kelso rooftop

My first panorama created using Dads' Olympus C750uz camera. This was created from 29 photos taken from the roof of the family house in Kelso, a suburb of Bathurst. Thanks to my youngest brother Scott for climbing up on the roof with the camera and tripod to take the photos. My only problem with this photo was that I chose to experiment and give autopano a try. It was disaster. The reference points it generated were mostly in the trees or other odd places. The wind was only slight that day, but trees still move too much to get a good alignment.

Mount panorama

Media:Panorama-Mount Panorama

This panorama is stitched together from 10 photos I took late in September 2004 from Bathursts' famous landmark. At the bottom you can see some of the letters that read “Mount Panorama”, visible from the city. Just a week later a third line “Australia” was painted below that in time for the Bathurst 1000 races in October.

Canberra panoramas

These were all created with photos taken during a partial-family holidy to Canberra in October 2003.

Black mountain

Media:Panorama-Black mountain

This is a full 360° panorama taken from Telstra tower on Black mountain in Canberra. There were 12 divisions in the cement railing on the top observation deck that both Dad and I used to guide our photos. I took a total of 51 photos - 26 on the level (I also did half-way between the divisions and forgot where I started) and another 25 panned down. The deck was well over 10m wide and the parallax error was pretty large for the close objects (e.g the carpark and road). Enblend seems to have done a pretty good job of blending together the disjointed bottoms from the second series of images. Also, the weather was rather bad that day. You can see the large storm clouds and rain off in the distance. It took several minutes to take all the photos (other tourists got in the way) and the clouds had moved considerably as I went around twice.

Lake Burley Griffin

Media:Panorama-Lake Burley Griffin

Taken from the small wharf behind the National Museum (visible in the black mountain panorama). This is about a 270° panorama. Finding good reference points in the left half of the panorama was difficult. It's all just trees on the waterline!

Parliament house

Media:Panorama-Parliament house

This photo was taken from half-way up the hill of Parliament house looking towards the old parliament house and war memorial. This is a rectilinear projection, unlike the cylinderical projection of most of the other panoramas. It simulates a very-wide-angle view centred on the old parliament house.

Sydney and Chatswood panoramas

These are created from photos I took while I was living in Roseville, near Chatswood. I took the photos thinking I might be able to do something with them. It was several years before I pulled them out and stitched them together.

Chatswood Westfields

Media:Panorama-Chatswood Westfields

This large panorama is composited from 20 photos I took back in June 2001 from the rooftop carpark of Westfields in Chatswood. It's just over 180° wide. This photo and the Chatswood sunset1 photo can more-or-less “see” each other. If you know Chatswood well enough it's not hard to find the location of each. When I was taking the photos, at first I sat the camera on the tiled top of the ledge. But in later shots I angled it over the edge to look down. You can see this in the somewhat weird ends. Not an overly glamorous shot, but interesting.

Chatswood sunset

Media:Panorama-Chatswood sunset

The photos for this panorama were taken at the end of July 2001. I was on the rooftop carpark of Chatswood Chase above Archer st, just before sunset.

Pyrmont bridge

Media:Panorama-Pyrmont bridge

This was constructed from photos I took back in 2000 walking home from work one evening. I originally had trouble aligning the photos because I was using the line of lights at the bottom (and others along the waterline) as reference points. I then realized that the lights were on a floating wharf and must have moved slightly between shots. Removing those points (and adding other more reliable ones) resulted in a near-perfect alignment. I like this one a lot.

Other panoramas



This was made from photos I took at a lookout just outside Toowomba as the family moved back to Bathurst in the early days of 2003. Not that exciting.