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Ians todo list

Some things I should get around to some day...

Hard disks

Planned for early in 2007 after it took a while to obtain the 120G disk

Zoe was finally upgraded with a 120G disk on 2008-04-14. The second part of this plan remains.

Result: ~45G of RAID-1 protected storage, up from an old single 14G disk!

Move data and services around:

The idea is to make Zoe the “file server” and Taliesin the “compute server”. Although Taliesin is definitely the more capable of the two, some attempt should be made to balance the load between them. i.e some moderately CPU-heavy services on Zoe, and some IO-heavy services on Taliesin.


Sun SPARCstation LX with 128MiB of RAM and 4.3GiB disk

I must decide what to do with this old machine. What can be done with it?

ReiserFS replacement

Continue replacing ReiserFS with XFS on Linux systems.

ReiserFS (version 3) is a good fs but its development reached maintenance mode many years ago and it lacks a proper defragmenter. Reiser4 has (or is meant to have) an online “re-packer”. But it had some oddball features that the Linux kernel developers objected to. With the incarceration of Hans Reiser, its future looks uncertain.

XFS was created by Silicon Graphics and continues to be maintained by them. It has a good history of use in large, serious installations. It has an online “reorganiser”, although it is rather simple.


To do: