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January 2009

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Andrew and Alissa leave. Scott was going to leave after them, but he was persuaded to stay one more day.

The photos of me with the kids were taken by Glenn. It's obviously been a while since he's had to focus a camera.


Mum drove me to a few places to take photos. First we drove out to Perthville. The pub that mum suggested didn't look so impressive with the sun already fairly high in the sky. We drove around a bit and found an old shedm. I put a roll of Lucky SHD100 into my Pentacon Six and took some photos with my 50 mm Flektogon and 80 mm Biometar.

On the way out of Perthville we stopped to photograph the "tree tunnel"m.

Then it was off to the gasworksm. I had already finished the roll but didn't know. And it was getting pretty hot so we headed home.

Developed in HC-110 1:32 (dilution B) for 7 min (20°C).