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January 2010


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Mum planned a big trip in the new-year. It actually started on the 30th of December, but for convenience I'll lump it into the new-year.


Drove up to Mount Stromlo and photographed the observatories that were destroyed in the 2003 bush fires.

Then drove down to Tidbinbilla Tracking Station. I didn't take too many photos, but I did finish the roll of 400H. I put a roll of Pro 160S into my XR-20.

We then visited the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve looking for animals. We did a lot of walking but didn't see much besides some birds an a red-bellied Black snake. I did photograph a few things though.


Went to Questacon, meeting Scott there. We took the lift to the top, working backwards down the spiral. This seemed to work out well for Grandpa and he spent quite a lot of time playing with the various displays. I did have trouble though with very sore feet. I didn't take many photos.

Visited the Old Parliament House. By this time I was very tired and even feeling a little sick. I didn't take my camera and tried to spend as much time sitting down.

We went back to the hotel and I ended up laying on the couch. The rest went out to dinner without me. They brought me back a pizza.


After several nights of poor sleep, I was exhausted. Mum and Dad went off, leaving me to sleep in until 1 pm. They tried to get to a bus depot markets and the glass works, both in Dickson. But both were shut for the holidays, so I didn't miss much. They did however get to the National Gallery and got to see the French classics being exhibited there. Scott had met them there at some stage but I'm not sure when.

They came back with lunch - pizza again. Then we all (Mum, Dad, Graeme, Scott, and myself) squeezed into the one car and went (back) to the National Portrait Gallery. I'd seen it back in May and didn't find it overly interesting then, so I was pretty bored this time. I surfed the internet on my phone and played with the gallery's information terminals - touchscreen PC's running Windows. I tried to ‘break out’ of the full-screen Internet Explorer setup and got a fair way, but ended up in an unusable state. I‘ve long had a history of crashing or hanging Windows PC’s in public places e.g department stores. Anyway...

Then we drove up to Red Hill to take photos.


Drove up to Black Mountain with Graeme and went up the tower. I finished the film in both cameras.

Then I put the second roll of Pro 160S in my XR-20. I took a panorama with my fisheye around the lower open gallery. I also photographed the tower from the ground, and some of the surrounding bush.

Visited the John Curtin Medical Research Centre at the ANU campus. It's an interesting building. We got to go inside too.

Drove up to Mount Pleasant, a mountain behind the Duntroon Army Barracks. It's much smaller than the big trio of Black Mountain, Red Hill, and Mount Ainslie, but it's closer to the centre of Canberra and still has quite a good view.

I finished the Pro 160S there and loaded the second roll of Acros 100 into my Electro 35.

Then we raced down to the lakeside to photograph the Captain Cook water spout but it shut off just after we got out of the car. I got some other photos though.

Finally we drove to Parliament House and did a rushed tour before it closed. I finished the roll of Acros 100.

I was quite sunburnt on my arms after today.


Checked out of the hotel. We went back to Parliament House, this time with Grandpa and Margaret as well. I didn't take any camera this time. I'd photographed it before and didn't want to load a roll of film that would likely only be partly used before heading home. And frankly, I just wanted to go home.

After Parliament House, we headed down to the lake again to photograph the water spout. Then we said our goodbyes and left for home.


Processed three rolls of Acros 100. The first two were from 30th December (driving to Canberra) and 4th January (Mount Pleasant). I used Kodak HC-110, diluted 1:64 ('H') and developed for 10:30. They seemed to come out well, so I processed the third (from 23rd December) on its own in my original A-P tank. I then started scanning the films.


Started scanning the third film and the images were a little funny. It had a definite pink/purple colour to it. I remember it didn't colour the water of the final wash as much as the first two. I put the strips back onto a reel (taped together) and gave it a good wash. After a longish soak, more dye came out.