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January 2011

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Had a good electrical storm in the evening. I saw lots of good lightning strikes from the front balcony. Counting about 10s between lightning and thunder, the distance was about 3 Km. Looking on Google Earth and using the ruler tool, they seemed to be hitting somewhere around the hill above Laffing Watersm.


Another storm, this time just after midday. Lots of thunder, then heavy rain and even some hail! Later the news came in that the ceiling collapsed in one or two cinemas at the Metro 5 from all the rain.


Mum drove me over to Mario and Cathy's to look at their “Internet”, which had inexplicably stopped working. After trying a few things on their computer, I walked out to the shed to check on the modem/router/switch. I checked the phone connection, running back through the surge-protector on a power board and the ADSL filter/splitter. It was plugged into the “phone” port on the splitter. I changed it to the “ADSL” port and went back into the house.

The network had mysteriously disappeared and I wrestled more with the Kubuntu system Glenn had set up. I eventually went back out to the shed and found that the Ethernet connection back to the house had come loose. The clip was faulty and I must have pulled it out (partially) while checking things earlier. I pushed it back in and again went back into the house. Everything started to work then.

During this whole time Mario was showing off their new 3D television, Blu-ray player, and DVR. I sat down and watched some of Open Season with the 3D glasses. We also played around a little with the TV and DVR. I found the DLNA feature (can't remember if it was on the TV or DVR) and it said that no servers were found. I thought nothing of it (I've never gotten it to work with our Sony TV) but Cathy complained that her movies should be there.

I remembered that Glenn had asked me a few times about MediaTomb and figured he must have gotten it to work. A check on their computer found no running copy of MediaTomb. I had restarted the system earlier when the network was down and that must have caused it to not start. No amount of fiddling with Glenn's kinda-admin-but-not-actually-root backdoor account could get it to start, so I just did another restart. It started up then and their *ahem* movies were again accessible.


Intended to finally start shooting the Efke IR820 film I got for my birthday in 2009. I got out my lenses and the IR filter. I pulled out my KR-5 super Ⅱ but found it has film in it. How long has that been in there? And what is it?!?

This means that all of my 35 mm cameras currently have film in them. Only my Pentacon Six is available. I should finish those rolls as soon as I can and free up my cameras.


Went and saw a GP - I have another anal abscess. Damn. He prescribed me two antibiotics and told me to see my surgeon again. I rang his number but a recorded message said he was on holiday and his office would be closed until the 21st. Damn. I was barely able to afford the antibiotics with the money I had taken. Lucky I didn't get the mobile phone ‘recharge’ I had been meaning to get. The medicine didn't leave me with enough money for a bus trip home so I walked. It was pretty warm but I wasn't a completely sweaty mess when I got home.


Got an appointment with my surgeon for next Friday. Lets see if my rear end can last another week, including this trip to Canberra...


Left for Canberra to spend a little time with Scott. Because of my new abscess I got to sit in the front, with a cushion for added padding. We stopped at Cowra for lunch. Mum and Dad simply must have their iced chocolates! And my toasted chicken-cheese-bacon foccacia was nice too. We stopped a few other times too. One place was a church, which I can't seem to find on my GPS track (my GPS logger has been acting up a lot recently and there are big gaps where it just stops logging). I got out my Electro 35 and finished the roll with one photo of the church.

We drove immediately to Scott's place because he was starting work at 5pm. Well, it's Shannon's mother's place and he's living with them. We talked out the front for a while and then went to our hotel. I got a room to myself! The weather was looking kinda bad with dark clouds covering most of the sky.

We did eventually go out to Mount Ainslie though. I finished off the roll of Velvia 50 in my XR-20sp with some photos looking down ANZAC parade to Parliament house and then a shot of the beacon with dark clouds behind it.

to be processed

This meant that my two main cameras were again empty and available for new scene-appropriate rolls of film. We found a small Asian place in Dickson for dinner.


Mum or Dad woke me shortly after 8am with a phone call. I don't know who it was because the phone stopped ringing just before I reached it. What a horrible way to be woken up. I had difficulty getting to sleep the night before (my room was right next to the lift) so I was in some really deep sleep at the time.

Anyway, it was a beautiful clear day outside. We went downstairs for a cooked breakfast provided by the hotel. Then it was off to Scott's again. We wished him happy birthday and went inside. We sat around talking while Scott played a little on his PS3 and large TV. Mum and Dad wanted to take him out somewhere special for a birthday lunch, but Scott wasn't feeling too good. I was tired and just wanted to eat something so I could take one of my antibiotics (it was getting close to 2pm). So we just ate at the food court of the shopping centre we met at. Nothing to complain about, but it wasn't the “special” meal Mum and Dad wanted.

Finally we drove up to Black Mountain and went up the tower. Mum stayed at the bottom to wait for Scott and Shannon. I went up to the first outside observation level and loaded my Pentacon Six with a roll of Pro 400H. I took twelve photos around with the 50 mm Flektogon. The frame-advance mechanism might have slipped on one or two of the shots. I'll have to wait and see.

to be processed

I'd like to stitch the photos together into a 360° panorama.

By this time Scott and Shannon had arrived. I loaded my last roll of Provia 400X and took a bunch of miscellaneous photos, mostly with the Biometar.

to be processed

When I finished that roll, I put the Pentacon Six away and loaded a roll of FP4+ into my XR-20 to take more miscellaneous photos.

After a while we went back to our cars, said goodbye, and started the drive home. We stopped at Boorowa for a meal and later at the closed Cowra café.


Zac's 4th birthday. We drove over to Andrew and Alissa's place for dinner. Boy it was hot.

It was too dark to shoot my FP4+ (ISO 125) inside, even before the sun went down and even with my 1:1.4 lens. So no photos from me.


My first visit of the year to my surgeon. Unfortunately the abscess calmed down yesterday and he wasn't able to find anything. He wasn't sure, but perhaps the antibiotics had helped. He said there wasn't anything I was doing that caused these problems, nor was there anything I could do to stop them. It just seemed to be chance, maybe including genetics. He told me to get an appointment as soon as it returned and told his receptionist that I could need an urgent consultation in the future.

I got out of there right on the half-hour mark, so I had another hour until the next bus back to Kelso left. I had brought my camera loaded with FP4+ to kill time and finish the roll. On the way into town to use the toilets at the new supermarket I photographed a pub.

Then I went for a short walk and got a few more shots before having to return to the bus interchange.