Article History

July 2009





I put a roll of Fujichrome Provia 100F in my Ricoh XR-20sp and took some photos of Batemans Bay and the rock seawall near our cabinm.

Picked up Tania and drove down to Moruya Baym. We stopped at the old granite quarry and wharfm. This is where the rock for the pylons of the Sydney Harbour Bridge was quarried. I took some photos at the waters edge.

We had lunch and then drove out to the south headm. While Mum and Tania watched dolphins, I found paths through the bush nearer the cliff and with a better view. I used both my 50 mm and fisheye to photograph the view and waves crashing on the rocks.

Then it was back around Moruya Bay to the north headm. We walked along the breakwater, lined with large granite boulders.

We drove Tania back home and had some afternoon tea. We drove back to our cabin and later had Glenn and Tania over for dinner.


I started our last day in the Bateman's Bay area by loading some Fujicolor Pro 160S into by Yashica Electro 35 and getting some more photos on the rock seawall near our cabin.

Leaving the resort, we drove up to the headland over-looking Batehavenm and Hanging Rock reserve. I again went around the fencing and followed tracks to get better views along the cliffs edge.

Then it was down to Malua Baym to walk across the rocks there at low tide. I fell over once on the jagged rocks, hurting both my hands and both my knees, but still managed to get some photos of the rocks and waves breaking on them.

We had lunch at the cafe near the bay and then it was off to Canberram! We came in through Bungendorem and Queanbeyanm. We visited Scott and Dad fixed the windscreen wipers on his car. We took him out to dinner at the Labor Club.


I started the last day of our trip by loading a roll of Fujicolor Pro 400H into my Ricoh XR-20sp. We drove over to Parliament House and found the foundation stone.

Then it was inside. Even though the politicians were off on their winter break, we still had to go through security. My steel-capped boots set off the metal detector — I had to take them off and go through a second one. I photographed the main foyer with my fisheye and then the senate chamber and the Members' Hall before Scott met up with us.

Then we went to the house of representatives and up to the roof.

We had lunch at the cafe and I finished my roll of film on the balcony overlooking the front.

Then it was off home!


Drove up to the Parkes observatory to see the famous radio telescope. They had a special open weekend to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing and the part they played in receiving the live video from that historic event. I put a roll of Fujicolor Pro 160S into my Ricoh XR-20sp started shooting the telescope while standing in line for the tour. We were quite close to the telescope and I had to use my Miranda 28 mm wide-angle or Zenitar 16 mm fisheye to capture it all in one frame. My Rikenon 50 mm was good for “close ups”.

After a few hours we finally got to go on the tour. I had already shot most of the roll while standing line and only got one interior.

I started a roll of Pro 400H part-way through but only got a few parting shots.