Article History

June 2010





Poured my used fixer into an empty soft-drink bottle and added aluminium foil. After a few hours the yellow colour has darkened a lot and holes are appearing in the foil. Presumably this is the metallic silver dissolved from my films in the form of tiny black particles. I wonder if I can collect this black sludge and do anything with it? Wikipedia says the melting point of silver is 961.78 °C, which is a little high for anything achievable in your average kitchen.


Sarah's 5th birthday party! We had a lovely day at Victora Park, which has recently had one side made into a playground.



Scott left for Canberra.

Andrew and Alissa took a little longer to leave. Apart from their Andrew's usual tardiness, I held them up trying to copy the Le Man's recordings for Andrew. Sorry Alissa.


Finally mixed up my new Ilford Rapid Fixer. The Agfa Agefix I used before came in a 125 mL bottle and mixed at 1+7 made up a litre, which comfortably fitted in my expanding accordion bottle. The Ilford fixer came in a 500 mL bottle (the smallest I could get) and mixed 1+4 makes 2.5 litres, way too much. I filled up a 1.25 litre drink bottle and put the rest in my accordion bottle. I later covered the drink bottle with aluminium foil and put it in the pantry.


Processed the roll of Lucky SHD100 I shot on the 4th of May. My first roll developed with Rodinal and fixed with my new fixer. I used the Rodinal diluted 1:50 and for 11 minutes. In my excitement I forgot to do a proper wash, only doing a ‘final’ wash with the Ilfosol wash aid.


Mum got a 2 litre bottle of “de-mineralised” water so I set about to processing the two rolls of Acros that have been sitting in the fridge for a while (well, one of them at least). One of them turned out be started back on February 1st and included photos of FOSC in April. The other was started on Mother's Day and was finished just the other week when Andrew and Alissa were here.