Article History

June 2012




Got up early to try to see the transit of Venus. The weather was still a little crappy and the sun came out a few times, but I didn't have anything to look at it with/through.

Andrew came over with Zac. While they were here Mum came home, and a little while later Tania called on Skype. So Andrew and Zac got to see Dante.


Aw crap, Firefox has lost my edits from last month. Double crap, Bup doesn't like the backups it's been making. It complains about blobs missing and won't let me do anything!


I woke up to read an update from Mum on Google+ that Grandpa's been having breathing difficulties since early in the morning. She drove off to be with him in hospital left just before I got up.

Dad and I drove over to Andrew and Alissa's for a pre-birthday lunch for Sarah. There were Lisa and John with their three kids, Tia (Sarah's friend), Sharon, and ???. I found out later that Ellie was visiting Gary. Since she's his favourite daughter, this kept him and Maxine from joining us.

Using my computer that night, my hard disk started clicking regularly and I quickly hit the power button. Well, shit. I guess my hard disk is finally dying. So it's time to order that SSD I‘ve been looking to get for a while. I got on Mum’s computer and found the place we'd ordered the other Vertex 3's for Buster and Mars. The price has come down a little since then. I went to order it but couldn't get Mum's Paypal password. I had to phone up Mum to get it. Lets hope my hard disk will be able to transfer my data to the SSD when it comes.

I updated Mum's machine and started getting settled into my account that night.


The Sculpey I ordered was delivered.

After I got up (again) I went down to the Kelso Centrepoint shops to get a birthday card and wrapping paper. Several of the shops were gone — I guess the new shopping centre has taken a lot of the local business. But the newsagent was still there. I found a 7th birthday card and Dora wrapping paper. I looked around a little and found some glow-in-the-dark bracelets. I almost got them too but decided against it. While waiting to buy the card and paper there were other customers buying lottery tickets. I guess that's how they've survived for now.

Dad got home just before 4 pm and said he could drop me off before going into TAFE. And he did. Sarah had a pile of presents open in the family room. I gave her mine and explained what it did.


I checked the online package tracking for my SSD and it said they had attempted delivery but no-one was home. Not this shit again! There was no card at the door, but there was one in the letter box. Attempted, my arse! I hate it when delivery people get lazy and assume no-one is home just because there's no cars in the driveway. It said the package would be at the post office tomorrow. Bastards!


Ugh, didn't get up early like I had wanted. I waited for Dad to get home and he drove me into the post office to pick up my SSD.


Spent a long time trying to get the gparted live disk to boot. But it would just never boot from either of my USB flash drives! In the end I used one of the Debian ISO's and added gparted as a second partition. But the result was as I suspected/feared — My root filesystem could not be shrunk. It's just a deficiency of XFS. So I'm going to have to do a dump and restore. Damn.

In the shower I checked out a sore spot on the back of my leg that I thought was a pimple. It was black! In my room I used my phone to get a close-up shot of it and it looked just like a cancerous mole. Holy shit. I need to get to a doctor fast and have it removed!


Showed Mum the black mole on the back of my leg and she said it looked pretty bad too. We'll try to get a doctor's appointment on Monday.

We were about to go over to Andrew and Alissa's to give Sarah a late birthday present from Mum. But Mum rang ahead and found that Liss and the kids were in Gilgandra to visit her brother. I seem to remember hearing something like that when I was at their place on Tuesday, but it totally slipped my mind. So we'll go tomorrow.


We went over to Andrew and Alissa's to give Sarah her later birthday present. We played a bit too, as usual.

Before going to bed, Mum wanted to get a better photograph of the dodgy mole on the back of my leg. She had a ruler for me to hold next to it to show the size. It looked very different to yesterday morning after the shower. The black blob seems to have mostly gone. Perhaps it was a scab?


Dad drove me in to see the doctor about the mole on the back of my leg. He wasn't sure if it was a mole, but said it looked bad and wanted to remove it. He made an appointment for me on Friday. He would remove it at the small surgery they have.


Went to the local Chinese restaurant for dinner with Mum and Dad. I haven't been out for a little while.


Dad drove me in to the doctor's again to have my questionable mole removed. It went well, although the local anaesthetic stung like hell!


Andrew and Sarah came over with the tables we lent them for her birthday party. She can ride in the front and without a booster seat since she's now seven. That was necessary because the tables were in the back of their car with the seats down. I ended up showing some new trailers on the TV, then recent photos of Dante, then baby photos of Sarah, and then of Zac.

During her weekly phone call with Dad, Grandma said she may have a buyer for her apartment. She could be moving in here on the 4th of August. That's almost six weeks away. Then she would have to wait until an “opening” became available at the retirement village here.


Glenn and Tania visited Grandpa with Dante after driving up yesterday.


Glenn and Tania visited Grandma with Dante. They got lost and had to ring up Mum at work for directions. We don't know if they‘re heading south to stay at Anthony’s house tonight or come all the way here to Tania's parents. Paola and her newborn is staying there at the moment too! Maybe we'll see them tomorrow.