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M42 mount lenses

Note that all of these M42 lenses belong to either my Dad or grandfather (his dad). There are also a few M42 camera bodies that I might make use of.

Unfortunately the M42-to-Pentax-K adaptor I have adds about 1 mm to the film/flange distance, making it impossible to focus at infinity. It might also add slightly to the focal length. So I'm currently limited to using the M42 lenses for macro photography with extension tubes, or close portraits. The Petri 55 mm can only focus to about 2-3 m, while the Sun zoom can go a good 10 m or more.

Petri 1:1.8 55 mm


This lens seems to perform a little better than my Rikenon 55 mm. But because of the M42 adaptor, I've only ever used this for portraits and some macro.

Sun 1:4.5 85-210 mm zoom


Hanimar 1:3.5 135 mm telephoto


Formular5 1:6.3 400 mm telephoto

This is a big lens!

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