Article History

March 2008





Kelso High School had an open evening, giving tours around the new facilities built since the fire in late 2006. However I still had a roll of Velvia in my Ricoh XR-20sp from last month. I didn't think it was an appropriate film for interiors, so I went for a walk early in the morning with the goal of finishing off the roll with a nice sunrise. A thick fog put an end to those plans though. There's only so much you can photograph when visibility is down to 15-20 m.

I didn't take any photos at the high school until the tour had finished and the sun was setting.

I finished the roll of Velvia there and put in a roll of Superia 400 for a bunch of exterior shots as the light faded.


Put a roll of Fujifilm NPS 160 into my Pentacon Six. Andrew and Alissa are visiting with the kids for Easter on Thursday or Friday. I finished off this roll photographing my niece and nephew.


Put in a roll of Fujifilm NPZ 800 into my P6. Easter with my niece and nephew.