Article History

March 2009





I loaded my Electro 35 with a roll of HP5+ and went for a walk in the early morning. I set the film speed dial to its maximum of 1000 ASA and have pushed the film to 1600 ISO. This is like setting a +2/3-stop exposure compensation on a more modern camera. There's not as much shadow detail in the night shots as I would have liked.

developed in HC-110 1:64 (dilution H) for 10 min (20°C)

I finished off the roll around the house. I'm not sure when, but it was obviously raining that day.


I got my first mobile phone! A Nokia 5220 XpressMusic.


Went into town to get a SIM card for my phone. I took my Electro 35 with me. I was there before 9 am and the shop hadn't opened yet, so I went outside and took some photos of (and around) the old Dairy Farmers building. For some reason these shots came out a little over-exposed. There's some dark areas on the sprocket hole area of the negatives, and even some sprocket hole shadows. Some light possibly leaked into the film changing bag when I was loading the roll into the processing tank. I later concluded that the light seals needed replacing.

developed in HC-110 1:64 (dilution H) for 10 min (20°C)


Andrew and Alissa are passing through with the kids on their way to Alissa's brother's wedding in Gilgandra. I got some photos with my Electro 35 of the kids eating breakfast before continuing on their long trip, but later found that I'd left the battery out. So they were shot at the maximum shutter speed of 1/500th, underexposing them quite a lot. Thankfully I was shooting fully open at f/1.7.

Went up to Mount Panorama with Dad and my Pentacon Six. I put in a roll of NPS 160 and took photos of the view. I think it's still having spacing problems - the frame advancement lever was engaged all the time on most frames.

to be finished

Later I went with Mum and Dad to have dinner at the Bathurst RSL. I took my Electro 35 and got some night photos in the car park after we'd finished. I did have the battery in this time.


Andrew and Alissa were back with the kids and I finished the roll in my Electro 35.