Article History

May 2009



At the beginning of May I visited my brother and his family for a week, photographing several sites around Sydney.


Travelled by coach from Bathurst to Lithgow and then an ordinary CityRail train to Blacktown. I was meant to switch to another train to get to Pendle Hill (which is not a regular stop) but Andrew rang me and offered to pick me up.

In the evening I realised I had left the pinhole gear and cable release at home.


Luckily Mum was travelling to the central coast on a quick trip. She brought my forgotten gear and we met her at Castle Hill. During the trip I found that I had run out of credit on my phone! I had downloaded some things on Thursday night. I had also let MapNav download a bunch of map tiles then and during the trip. It seemed to have a lot of trouble though, so I'm wondering if it kept retrying, wasting bandwidth and my credit.


We all walked down to a baby store on the highway to buy a new booster seat for Sarah.

I tested out my zone sieve in the backyard using Andrew's Pentax K10D super. It seems to really like highlights and other high-contrast features. And although Alissa initially told the kids to stay inside, they eventually came out and had a run around in the long grass.

Watched the Borat movie on TV. Wow. I‘m amazed that Borat/Sascha wasn’t beaten up during the making of it.


Walked to the Pendle Hill train station and bought a pink TravelPass ticket. I then took a train into Paramatta to get my telephone credit ‘recharged’. I had been informed that these were cheaper at Big W (even than Vodafone themselves) and that one was in the Paramatta Westfield shopping centre. There wasn't, but there were two Vodafone outlets in the centre, so I got a $20 recharge at one.

I then walked up to the small plaza to look for stuff to photograph. There was a man on hunger strike in protest against the treatment of Tamil rebels and civilians by the Sri-Lankan army and asking the Australian government to condemn its actions. I took out my Electro 35, loaded it with a roll of Ilford HP5+ and got some photos of the protest and the crowd. I also photographed a nearby fountain and buildings.

developed in HC-110 1:64 (dilution H) for 10 min (20°C)

Then it was back onto the train and into Central and a tram to Wentworth Park. I took photos of the viaduct that carries the tram line through the middle of the park. There was also a nice view of some of the taller buildings in the city centre.

I then took the tram back to the James st. station. Once upon a time I worked in Pyrmont and took the tram to this station every morning.

I got a photo of the underground station and then went up the stairs to street level. When I recovered, I continued up Harris st. like I used to every morning, and then down towards Pyrmont bridge like I did every evening, but didn't see anything to photograph. I diverted through a small shopping mall and then a lane to come out next to the Maritime Museum. I pulled out my Ricoh XR-20sp and was about to load it up with some Fujicolor Pro 400H but discovered it still had film in it - Ilford HP5+ from Alissa's birthday several weeks earlier. So I got some B&W photos of boats, Pyrmont bridge, and the CBD.

developed in HC-110 1:64 (dilution H) for 10 min (20°C)

I took the train home from Town Hall. I finished the roll that night with a photo of Sarah and Andrew in the kitchen.


A bit of a late start. I took a train to Hornsby, changing at Strathfield. I put a roll of Fujichrome Provia 100F into my Ricoh XR-20sp and photographed the water fountain in the plaza.

Then I headed off looking for the large “hole” I had seen on the news and Google Earth. I found a dirt track and followed it down for quite a while but never had a good view of the hole. It was all bush. I eventually came to a large area with tall grass but still couldn't see much and decided to turn back. I didn't get back home until about 7 pm.


After all the walking I'd done in the last two days I was quite tired and a little sore. I ended up having a rest day. Some men hired by the real estate came and gave the lawn a long overdue mowing. Alissa allowed the kids out to play in the backyard. I put a roll of Fujicolor Pro 400H into my Electro 35 and photographed them. Alissa cleared some long grass from a small garden area next to the granny flat and thought she had lost her wedding ring. We spent about an hour looking for it, but after some prompting from me Alissa found it in the bathroom. Oh well.

I also tried out the zone sieve on my Ricoh KR-5 super Ⅱ and some Ilford HP5+ 400. These didn't turn out so well.

developed in HC-110 1:64 (dilution H) for 10 min (20°C)


Playgroup day for the kids, but I slept in and missed it. There probably wasn't much for me to do anyway. Alissa had asked the previous week about me taking photos and the answer was that I'd only be allowed to photograph my niece and nephew, no other kids. I left a little after 1 pm and passed Alissa with the kids on their way back from shopping.

I took the train into Town Hall and changed to the city circle line. I got off at St. James and went up to Hyde Park. I had lunch and then photographed the large water fountain. I walked down the middle of the park and eventually to Town Hall.

I again took the city circle line to Circular Quay. I photographed the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Somewhere here I finished the roll of Provia in my XR-20sp and switched back to the Pro 400H in my Electro 35. I walked under the bridge and around one of the wharfs.

With that finished, it was time to get home. I had a long walk up to Wynyard station.


Another rest day. After dinner Andrew drove me into Darling Harbour. I put a roll of Fujicolor Provia 100F into my Ricoh XR-20sp and got some night photos of the harbour area, Pyrmont Bridge, and the city. Oh dear, I underexposed many of these shots.


All into the car for a shopping trip in Blacktown. With Sarah's new booster seat in the middle of the back seat, Alissa fitted easily in the back and I got the front passenger's seat. This means they can drive me up to the Central Coast tomorrow, avoiding a long and boring train trip (and possible return). We ended up spending over three hours in the shopping centre.


Again all into the car for the drive up to the Central Coast and Mother's Day lunch with Grandma Tester. Mum and Dad joined us for the lunch at Mingara.

I then went back with Andrew and Alissa.


Mum and Dad picked me up and we all travelled home. We stopped at Katoomba to photograph the Three Sisters.

I finished the Provia 100F in my XR-20sp and the HP5+ in my KR-5 super Ⅱ with the zone sieve.

I don't know what some of these photos are of, and I took the photos!


Rest day.


Drove to Canberra with Mum and Dad.

Went up to Black Mountain to photograph Canberra from the tower. I went up alone. I put a roll of Fujichrome Provia 100F into my Ricoh XR-20sp and took some shots with my fisheye lens. It was just on sunset and had some nice colours.

Had dinner at the Labor Club. Visited Scott at the house he shares with several people.


Went to Scott's graduation from CIS at the AIS. I was about to put a roll of Pro 800Z in my Electro 35 but found the roll of Pro 400H from Mother's Day still in there. Damn. I ruined a few photos by opening the back. I got some photos of the ceremony including Scott getting his diploma (or whatever it was), Scott with a female friend, and inside of the AIS arena.

Had lunch at Belconnen Mall. Went looking for a place to repair the family's Daihatsu Charade that Scott's been driving.

Had Dinner with Scott at a great Japanese restaurant. Yummy yakisoba :)

Went up to Black Mountain Tower again. Mum and Dad came up with me this time. It was very windy this time - scary windy. There was also a large group of teenagers who seemed to like running around the open viewing galleries in the very strong wind. Nevertheless, I got a series of photos around the lower viewing gallery with my fisheye. Oh dear, it looks like I used the same settings as Darling Harbour.

Then we went to Parliament House. I finished the roll of Provia 100F in my XR-20sp, as well as the Pro 400H in my Electro 35.

I put a roll of Fujicolor Pro 800Z in my Electro 35 and continued photographing Parliament House.

Then it was up to Mount Ainslie.

And finally to the War Memorial.


Went to the National Portrait Gallery. No photography allowed.

Took Scott to lunch at Belconnen Mall. We ended up spending several hours there with him. Then it was off home.


Andrew and Alissa visited. We babysat the kids while they went to a fancy dress birthday party. It had an 80's theme so they went as Al and Peg Bundy. The black hairspray Andrew used was quite messy. When it came time for bed Sarah went to sleep on me very easily, but Zac was really grumpy and stubborn. Every question was answered by a defiant No!

Oh dear, it seems the light meter on my Electro 35 doesn't handle low light levels very well.