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May 2009 travel plans

Visit Andrew and his family

During May 2009 I Travelled to Pendle Hill to stay with my brother Andrew and his family again, just like last August.

I got to photograph Sydney all week. I had some more gear than last time:



Pentax K mount lenses:

I had also ordered an f/56 zone plate but the eBay seller mixed up the order and it didn't arrive in time.

The pinhole holder stayed on the KR-5 the whole time because it has a broken aperture coupler, making its light meter useless. Everything else on it works fine though, so it's relegated to (external) manual exposure work.


I have five rolls of each Fuji film and about 11 m of HP5+ in my bulk loader, which works out to about another 5-6 rolls. I didn't take it all, only 3 rolls each.

I had also ordered some Fujicolor Pro 800Z and 160S, but they didn't arrive in time.


I logged all of my trips and would like to be able to show them here. I might even be able to geotag some of my photos.



I got a lot done on this visit, but not everything went to plan.