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May 2010





May 1st is May Day! Hence it's also International Commie Camera Day! I'll have my Pentacon Six (made in DDR/GDR) out shooting some Lucky SHD100 (China) and perhaps some other non-commie films.

It's also when the next computer fair is in town. I'll probably combine the two. For a while I've been meaning to shoot the computer fair in the show ground pavilion. Maybe some Delta 3200 for inside.


Bugger. I forgot my strap for the Pentacon Six and the fair was being held in a different pavilion. And Mum and Dad were leaving for the weekend. So the computer fair visit was a bit rushed and I was stuck watching the house (and cockatoo). So no photos.


I finally got out to take some photos with my P6. I put in a roll of Lucky SHD100, attached the Arsat fisheye (with orange filter), and shot the front and back yards.


Drove to the Central Coast with Mum and Dad for a Mother's Day lunch. They stayed in a hotel while I stayed with Grandma Tester.


Mother's Day! We drove to The Entrance and met up with Andrew, Alissa, and the kids for a Mother's Day lunch.

After lunch we headed outside to see the daily pelican feeding. What a lovely smell.

There was a playground and children's rides along the shore. Sarah and Zac played on the playground for a while but I was reluctant to even try photographing them on the equipment with so many other children around them. After losing Zac several times, they went on the rides, which I did photograph.

Then it was off home.


Finally got a delivery from Vanbar. I got Rodinal developer (“R09”), Ilford rapid fixer, 35 mm film holder sheets, and a Pantone/X-rite Huey. It took me a while to get Argyll CMS working so I could make a profile with the Huey (it turned out I had an ancient version in /usr/local that segfaulted when asked to do anything beyond showing the '-h' help text).

I had originally ordered a bulk roll of Legacy Pro 100 (a.k.a Fujifilm Neopan Acros 100) and a pack of 120 film holder sheets as well, but they were out of stock. They'll post them in two to three weeks when they get more in.