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NSK is my Wiki software using Subversion as the storage backend. Someday I would like NSK to be a Wiki comparable to MediaWiki, the software that runs Wikipedia.

What does NSK stand for?

"We interrupt 'Battle Of The Network Space Krackens' to bring you this special report."


In order:

  1. A simple Wiki for my personal use. Focus on formatting and layout.
  2. A simple Wiki/CMS for the family web site. Focus on authentication/authorisation and flexibility.
  3. A moderately-capable Wiki/CMS for use on the internet.
  4. World conquest!

Stable version


So far...


The current stable version of NSK has been tagged “0.5”. It has been running my personal Wiki site for over a year now and this has largely driven my development of NSK.

There are a few things that need to be finished on the 0.5 branch, but for the most part it is “done”. I am currently focusing on the “0.6” branch.


Work on version 0.9 has stalled due to its ambitious goals. I have instead decided to “back-port” its (partially completed) features into interim releases.

The goal for version 0.6 is to back-port the PostgreSQL backend. This will improve performance and allow various features expected of a modern Wiki. For example, looking at the ‘contributions’ of a single user on the Subversion backend would have involved potentially looking through every revision in the repository, a very expensive operation. Doing the same on a relational database is a simple table lookup.

Other features will be back-ported in versions 0.7 and 0.8.


Conceptual goals: