Article History

November 2009





Finished the roll of SHD100 with some photos in the back and front yards.

Tested my fixer (Agfa agefix). I made it up in, I think, March and it was only supposed to last six months. But I hadn't touched it since May, so I wasn't sure of its effectiveness. I had a small piece of B&W film (probably from my bulk roll of HP5+). I dipped one end in the fixer and waited for it to clear. Then I dropped the whole piece into the solution (in a small glass bowl) and stirred until it all cleared. Three minutes. Using this method, you‘re supposed to double it to arrive at a fixing time (triple for tabular-grain films). Since the prescribed fixing time is 6-8 minutes, it looks like my fixer is still good and even at (or near) full strength. I’ll have to get around to processing this latest film, as well as the test roll Ben put through my Pentacon.


Processed the roll of SHD100 and the ‘test’ roll of FP4+ that Ben included with my Pentacon Six. It turned out that he had simply written on it as he was testing the frame spacing - every square millimetre of it was exposed to light. I don't know why he didn't make up a strip of paper instead. It'd be cheaper and easier to write on.


Went driving around Bathurst with Mum looking for places to photograph - mainly historic houses and buildings. I took my GPS logger with me, hitting the POI button when we drove past a place. I later loaded the trace and ‘waypoints’ into Google Earth, producing a set of named ‘places’. I converted this to GPX and imported it into GPSmid on my phone - 57 points!


Went out intending to photograph some places identified on Saturday. Mum and I drove up to Mount Panorama and ended up shooting a whole roll of HP5+. I used my fisheye with the yellow-green filter a lot, as well as my new 1:1.4 50 mm Rikenon with a polarising filter. There were lots of great clouds around!

After that we stopped at the top of William Street to shoot some experimental photos with the digital camera. This place would have a great view if it weren't for the trees lining the street. So I took a series of photos going across the street, pointing at the gap between the trees. I later used Hugin to select points in the distance, and The GIMP to add alpha channels to all the photos - removing the trees. I kept the trees on the right of the left-most photo and vice versa. I also kept the church and road on one of the centre photos. But they don't meet up, and even if they did, they wouldn't match. To do it properly would require some multi-layer trickery. It's very much an impossible photo. I'll try to have it all worked out by the time I shoot it on film for real.