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November 2011



In November I travelled to New Zealand for the wedding of my one and only cousin, Kendra.


And early start. We checked out of the hotel and Uncle Wes met us out front with a tour bus. We took us (and some other people) on a tour of Auckland.

We spent an hour at the Auckland Museum.

At the end we transferred (with our luggage) to an airport bus. Auckland airport is quite south of the city, it's a long drive. There we hired a car to use for the rest of our trip. And had lunch at the McDonalds there.

We immediately headed north, through increasingly terrible weather. After several hours we arrived in Paihia and checked into our motel. I have my own room!


We were booked in to go on a boat tour around the Bay of Islands, but the boat had broken down. We were rescheduled for Friday. That put a bit of a spanner in Mum and Dad's plans, because that is when we will be leaving Paihia.

So our plans were rearranged and we went up to the Waitangi treaty grounds.

We had lunch there.

We drove up the hill overlooking Paihia but there wasn't a lookout or anything, just houses. We drove down to Opua and got on the car ferry to Okiato, then drove up to Russel. The coastline is very convoluted around here. That five minute ferry ride saved us at least a 40-minute drive.

We drove through Russel to the hills on the other side, looking for a way to get to a famous lookout. We came to a sharp bend with a sign directing us up a set of stairs leading into the bush. The stairs were long and steep in several places. Mum had trouble. Dad and I got to the top to find a small car park and a tourist mini-bus. We'd taken the hard way up. Oh well. Neither Mum's map, nor my OSM on my phone had the other road to the top.

We walked back down to the car and drove off looking for a road we had seen from the lookout and which had interested Dad. We didn't find it, but there was a nice beach.

We drove back into the centre of Russel, looking for something to eat. We eventually found an icecream store and got one each :) We walked further to the jetty and shoreline of Kororareka Bay, where the (non-car-carrying) ferry from Paihia comes. I hadn't brought my camera, so had to go back to the car and get it so I could take photos.

We then drove across to Oneroa Bay, which looked to also have a nice beach on the map. It did.

We drove back down to Okiato and to some historical remains. Then back on the car ferry to cross the bay. On the way across we passed a second ferry. They must run two, swapping ports.

We drove back up to Paihia and looked for a way to photograph the wood carvings before the bridge to Waitangi. It appeared to be private land, so we parked down on the beach and walked up. Dad noticed a gap in the low fence and walked in. Mum did the same but I didn't. I got a photo from a distance, and one of the bay.

We walked up the road from our motel and found a small Chinese takeaway for dinner. It wasn't great food, but it was filling.


And all-day bus tour up to Cape Reinga, the northern-most tip of New Zealand.


Our delayed boat tour around the Bay of Islands.


On the way south to the Waitomo glow worm caves, we visited a Kiwi sanctuary in Otorohanga.

Waitomo glow worm caves. Well, the building.

On to Rotorua.




Visited the Museum of Transport and Technology, kinda like the Powerhouse museum in Sydney or Questacon in Canberra.


My birthday!

Kelly Tarlton's Underwater World.

Had dinner in the rotating restaurant up in Sky Tower.


Off home. Finishing off the roll of film in my camera before flying.

Upgraded to CM (13.11.2011) on my Milestone.


Another CM7 release! Upgraded to CM (15.11.2011) on my Milestone.


Rang up my dentist's office to make an appointment to have my other wisdom tooth out. It's been bugging me since around the time of the wedding in NZ. But the appointment is a week away! I wonder how bad it will get in that time.



Went over to Andrew and Alissa's to give them souvenirs and talk about our New Zealand trip.


Finally got around to sorting the five rolls of colour 35 mm film I had processed in New Zealand. I figured out where the photos where taken and when I put each one in my camera. I guess I had put it off because I was unhappy with setting my Electro to ‘flash’ and overexposing everything. But once I put them in chronological order I noticed that the first two rolls were exposed fine. Mostly. It looks like the over-exposure only started at the end of the second roll. From the photos, it coincides with the lunch we had on Urupukapuka island in the middle of our boat tour around the Bay of Islands, on the 4th.

I scanned the first two rolls but when I started working on one photo I found that it was in the sRGB colour space. Checking my other recent scans, that's true going back to May. Damn! That must have been the last time Mum had to reinstall Windows on her machine, losing all user configuration data. I really wish that film scanner could be connected to my machine.


My wisdom tooth has cleared up over the last few days, so my appointment with the dentist got changed into a simple check-up. I've been meaning to have one recently anyway.


Rescanned the first two rolls of (colour 35 mm) film from New Zealand.

Upgraded to CM 7.1.1 (24.11.2011) on my Milestone.