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November 2011 travel plans

Kendra's wedding

My one and only cousin is getting married in November. We‘ve been invited but none of my brothers will be able to make it. So it’s just myself, Mum, Dad, and Grandpa representing her mother's side of the family. She has lots of family on her Maori father's side, so it will probably turn out to be a repeat of the family imbalance at Glenn and Tania's wedding.

The wedding is at Bethell's Beach (Te Henga), New Zealand on the 11th.




Photographic stuff


With the close of Allens shop in town, I am no longer able (AFAIK) to get 120/220 colour negative (C-41) film processed locally. That puts it in the same boat as all slide film for me; it needs to be sent off to Sydney for processing. So why not just use only slide film in my medium format Pentacon Six? Or at the very least, prefer it over similar negative film.

Other equipment

The mobile phone situation should be okay for me, since Vodafone has the largest network in NZ. So coverage will be good and cheap. Not so sure about Mum and Dad on Telstra. There is Telecom New Zealand with a UMTS network on 2100 and 850 MHz, and a roaming agreement with Telstra.

I think I should get a new GPS logger. My current one fell off the roof about two years ago and it's had problems ever since. I can get the same model (i-Blue 747A+) for about $50~60, or a newer version (747Pro) with twice as much storage and a motion sensor for about $120. Twice as much!