Article History

October 2009





My brother Andrew visited with his family. I haven't seen them since May!


Andrew's birthday. I put a roll of Superia 400 into my Electro 35 to photograph the proceedings.


Garry's 50th birthday party. I tried to finish off the roll of 160S in my XR-20sp while the sun was still out.

Then I finished the Superia 400 still in my Electro 35.

Then I put a roll of Pro 800Z into my Electro 35, rating it at EI 500 because of my previous bad experiences with this film. Or maybe it's just the light meter on this camera.

I still obviously have trouble focusing the rangefinder in low light. It's particularly annoying since I got the Electro for its f/1.7 lens to use in low light situations!


I finish off the roll of 160S in my XR-20sp.

Just one shot! bah...

And finish off the 800Z in my Electro 35.

Two shots this time. Oh well.


My Pentacon Six TL returned from repairs in Dubbo.


Loaded a roll of Lucky SHD100 into my Pentacon and took some photos of the fog in the morning.


Took some more photos of the backyard in the early morning.