Article History

October 2010




Had a consultation with the surgeon who treated my ichiorectal abscess in March. He diagnosed the cause of my continuing pains as being a fistula and arranged for surgery at the newly reopened private hospital on next Thursday.


Visited Alissa and the kids because Andrew would be away all day and most of the night at Alex's bucks party events. One of the day events included paint-ball match. Andrew did visit briefly to shower and change clothes after the paint-ball match.

While we were outside with the kids playing on the swing set, we were visited by one of Alissa's brothers and her sister with their respective partners (and child). So the kids had lots of aunts and uncles to play with them.


Oh dear, it would appear my fistula has burst. I wiped away some puss and a bit of blood when I went to the toilet. I don't know when it happened though, I didn't feel a thing.

The release of pressure removed much of the pain I had been experiencing, especially the pain/discomfort I would feel around bedtime if I ate (too much) in the afternoon/evening. I just hope this doesn't affect the surgery too much. The surgeon had said it was “easier to aim at” when large and swollen.


Trying to put the roll of Velvia 50 in my camera to good use by photographing flowers in the front yard.


The hospital rang and said I should come in for my surgery at 1 pm. That makes life a lot easier. Mum had warned me they might want me in really early, like 7 or 8 am. This means I don't have to get up early or put Con out early. And it means Mum doesn't have to take much time off work - I'll be ready to pick up about 5 pm.


Went into the private hospital for surgery on my fistula. Because it had burst on Sunday the surgeon just ended up doing an “inspection”. I still had to have a catheter for an IV, and be knocked out with anaesthetic(s). The surgeon had to rush off for a consultation and didn't have much time to talk to me afterwards. I was useless for the rest of the day. Sitting up made me nauseous (the ride home wasn't that great) so I just laid down and napped in the spare room.


Ugh, still feeling the effects of the anaesthetic(s).


Had a roast lunch with Alissa, her dad and his partner, and the kids. I stayed back to play with the kids after Mum and Dad left.


Went to the Duncan bar & grill for Andrew's birthday dinner. I put a roll of Superia 400 in my Electro 35 and snapped a few photos.


I finally got onto the surgeon to talk about my surgery last week. I told him I had a small lump that bled and might have been an opening to the fistula. He wanted to see me straight away. I took a taxi in and the lump ended up just being a small wound of some sort. Left over from when it burst?. I was originally going to take a bus home but decided to walk home instead of waiting. I took one photo walking across the old bridge.


It snowed! And quite a bit. It wasn't cold enough for it to last long on the ground though. It never is. I only remember two other times it's snowed here in Kelso. One was at our first house, so it must have been 1987. The second was at highschool, maybe 1989 or 1990. I was in room 4A, probably for history at the time, when we noticed snow flakes falling outside.

Drove down to Sydney for the motor show. After we checked into the motel we headed into China Town because Mum and Dad are still a little obsessed with all things Chinese after their holiday. I took my Electro 35 and took some photos.

Went to dinner at an Italian restaurant called Mancini's. Great wood-fired pizza :)

After all of the stuff I packed, I somehow managed to forget my pyjamas!


Ugh. Didn't sleep overly well and had to get up at 8:30. Checked out of the motel and drove to Darling Harbour. Perhaps Dad should have checked before leaving how to get into the car park.

I took my small backpack with Electro 35. It didn't take long to finish the roll of Superia already in the camera before putting in a roll of Ilford FP4+.

I finished that about the time I had been around the show a few times and “finished”. We left the show and went back to the car. I got out my Pentacon Six along with the 50 mm Flektogon and ARSAT 30 mm fisheye lenses.

I knew there was a sunken spiral water feature but wasn't quite sure where it was. It took a bit of a walk but I eventually found it. I finished the roll of film in the camera and put in a roll of Luck SHD100 (very difficult without anywhere to sit down). I shot a little more of the sprial before moving on. I got a bunch of shots of the long water pools with water jets and long, angled cement blocks.

It was only once I had finished the roll of SHD100 that I realised I was using the same sunny-16-derived exposure times I'd use for the 400 ISO film that was first in the camera. And it was only once I got home that I realised the roll I had finished was in fact 160 ISO. So all of these photos will have been under-exposed. Damn.

We got in the car and drove all the way home without stopping.


Processed the roll of FP4+ in Rodinal, 1:50 dilution.


Finally got around to processing the under-exposed roll of SHD100. After much searching about for advice on stand development with Rodinal, I found this post on the Rangefinder Forum. I used the described method - 5 ml of Rodinal (about 1:100 dilution in my 480 ml tank), 2 hours of stand development with 1 minute of gentle agitation at the start and 15 seconds of “swirling” agitation every half hour.

It worked fairly well. However, the film appeared to have a silvery finish when I pulled it out of the tank and has dried with a slight yellow/green/brown fog with an irregular texture. It shows up in the scans. Did I develop for too long? Did I not fix or wash it properly? Odd.