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Pentacon Six TL

Unknown age (S/N 17150) - fully manual - 120 or 220 film, 6×6 - Pentacon Six mount

I've finally got a medium format camera baby! Wooh!


Imitation snakeskin covering from a previous owner
Replacement screen with focusing aids (horizontal split prism circle, microprism ring)
Flocking using ‘kit’ from Baier Fototechnik
Adjusted screen height to get better focusing

Repair work

In early 2009 it became clear that this camera was seriously broken. The frame counter never worked, meaning I didn't know the roll of film was finished until I heard the backing paper flopping about inside. The result was that I wasted the last 4-5 shots.

But the final straw was when the frame spacing broke, leaving large gaps inbetween frames. I got ten frames from a roll of 120 and not many more from a roll of 220.

Sent camera to Ben at Camera Check Point in Dubbo for repair. He kept me up to date with his progress via email.
After a two week holiday (and presumably then working through the backlog), Ben reports that a few things in my camera are broken. He thinks that someone had previously tried to repair it, but probably made it worse.
Ben has done some work on the counter and shutter. The shutter times are a bit off and he wants to know if he should go ahead with a full shutter service. I say go.
Ben has finished all repair work, but the counter is still causing trouble. He's trying to find a replacement part through his “network”.
Ben was unable to find a part but thinks he was able to fix the counter anyway. He posted my camera back.
My camera arrived in the post! I now have a bill for AU$445 though. I hope this has all been worth it. The next day I put a test roll in but took over a week to finish it.



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