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Pentacon Six mount lenses

Carl Zeiss Jena MC Biometar 1:2.8 80 mm

S/N 10079041, ϕ58

A good starter lens. A little soft at full aperture; should stop down to at least f/4.0 to get good sharpness. This lens gives a great old-fashioned feel to a photo.

Carl Zeiss Jena MC Flektogon 1:4.0 50 mm

S/N 13149, ϕ86!

Big, heavy, and the focus dial is a little stiff. The image is darker that the 80 mm because of its smaller maximum aperture. When fully open the corners (and even the edges somewhat) have a “zoom blur” effect which is a little distracting. Stopped down it gives beautifully clear photos, corner to corner.

Arsat MC 1:3.5 30 mm fisheye

S/N 001961, M38×0.5 rear filters

Wow, this thing is huge! It's bigger than the Flektogon. The front lens cap is not something you slip into your pocket when using the lens - you set it aside like a hat or something.


Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar 1:2.8 180 mm
Arsenal MC ZM-3C 1:8.0 600 mm catadioptric
I‘m not sure what I’d use this for, but the idea of using essentially a small Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope as a lens is appealing. For one, it makes the lens much shorter than any telephoto design. It does have a fixed aperture though.

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