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Pentax 35 mm SLRs

Pentax LX

circa 1980's - S/N 5256288 - M, Av exposure with OTF metering, TTL flash - 35 mm - Pentax K

My first ‘serious’ camera. The LX is built much more solidly than my previous Ricohs. It has interchangeable viewfinders, although I‘m not sure I’ll need that. But the main reason I wanted this camera was for its metering and auto-exposure system. It has an “off the film plane” sensor that measures light falling on the film as it is being exposed. So it can do metered long exposures, up to two minutes long! To do that it needs a very sensitive and accurate light sensor. So I'm hoping it will perform better in dimly-lit indoor scenes, where my other two cameras have produced poor results.

Stayed up to 6 am to bid on this camera. I won, getting it a bit cheaper than others at the time.
Finally arrived. Looks good.


The camera I received was pretty bare. It came with its manual and an FA-1 viewfinder. So I'm going to have to get a few more things to make it properly usable.