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Pentax K mount lenses

XR Rikenon 1:1.4 50 mm

K, S/N 173643, ϕ52

My quest for shallow depth of field and low-light performance continues...

Rikenon P zoom 1:4.0 28-100 mm macro

R-K, S/N 123069, ϕ67

This lens came with my Ricoh XR-20sp and is quite large and heavy, making it difficult to use. I haven't used it much since first getting it.

It appeared to vignette quite heavily in the corners when zoomed all the way out to 28 mm. The UV filter on the front might have been the cause.

Rikenon P 1:2.0 50 mm

R-K, S/N 486916, ϕ52

This lens also came with my Ricoh XR-20sp. It is a very clear lens giving crisp photos.

Miranda 1:2.8 28mm

K, S/N 94600257, ϕ49

One of my birthday presents in 2006. I was initially a little disappointed because it felt kinda cheap. I‘ve now had a few chances to use it and it seems OK. I was also worried about chromatic aberrations because I could see red/blue fringes in the viewfinder. Thankfully this hasn’t appeared on any film, so I don't know what's going on there. It does appear to be a little soft though.

Zenitar 1:2.8 16 mm fisheye

K, S/N 024245, internal M26.5×0.5 filters

My $200 birthday present that finally arrived from Russia in the last few days of 2005. It's a pretty good lens although the novelty has worn off a little. Useful for capturing the sky or getting odd viewpoints i.e stand in a corner of a room and capture all of it, including all four walls. It does have a slight problem with chromatic aberrations, particularly with slide film. I've found out how to correct for this using Hugin and PanoTools.

I‘ve seen some good use of fisheyes for architectural photography on dA. I’d like to explore this use of my fisheye lens, but unfortunately Bathurst doesn't have many tall buildings to practice on. I'd also like to try more close-up shots with this lens, since it has such a large depth of field, even wide open.

Rikenon 1:2.2 55 mm

K, S/N 274901, ϕ52

A decent lens that came with my Ricoh KR-5 super Ⅱ. It seems to lose a bit of detail and create a soft effect when fully open, so I usually close it down to at least f/4.

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