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Ricoh 35 mm SLRs


Circa 1985 - S/N 92 135811 - M, Av, Tv, P, SP exposure - 35 mm - Pentax K / Ricoh KP mount

Another second-hand Ricoh bought through eBay. It came with two Rikenon P lenses, some filters, a small Ricoh flash, a leather case, and a bag for $56 + $20 postage. The gear seems to be in very good nick with barely a scratch on any of it, although the outside of the bag looks like it's been sitting around in storage for a while.

This camera has two aperture-priority modes and also does fully automatic exposure when used with the ‘P’ lenses and their apertures are also set to ‘P’. The ‘SP’ aperture-priority mode tries to keep the shutter speed above 1/125 for as long as possible, which the ‘P’ mode doesn't. It should be useful for taking photos of my niece and nephew as I only have to worry about the focus (and zoom).

KR-5 super Ⅱ

Circa 1990 - S/N 93054029 - all manual - 35 mm - Pentax K mount

I bought this camera second-hand off of eBay in early 2005 from a guy in Canberra, IIRC. It included the 55mm Rikenon listed below and only cost me AUS$70! This camera body is pretty simple but does everything I need it to, and I've learnt a lot with it.

I somehow broke the aperture-coupling tab after trying a dodgy Chinese-made M42 adaptor that got stuck. Without this little tab of plastic, the TTL light meter does not work. Buying the second-hand XR-20sp was (most likely) cheaper than repairing the coupler. This camera is now relegated to long exposures and situations where using the spot light meter is not too imposing e.g landscapes.

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