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Yashica rangefinders

Electro 35 GSN

Circa 1973? - S/N H 374654 - aperture priority, flash, and bulb - 35 mm - fixed lens
Yashinon DX 1:1.7 45 mm, ϕ55

Another year and I'm exploring a new type of camera! A rangefinder this time.

I also bought Yashica Guy's battery adaptor, which arrived the day before the camera did. Everything seems to be working well.


Replaced the “pad of death” using Yashica Guy's instructions. In the process I also removed the plastic faux-leather covering from the front. It really does need a replacement covering now.
Opened the top again to clean the glass. I had left quite a few fingerprints on the inside of the glass when I fixed the POD. Much cleaner now.
Removed the old light seals (gunk) and replaced them using Jon Goodman's seal replacement kit (Interslice on eBay).
Replacement covering arrived from CameraLeather and put it on the front. The slate blue kid skin is much darker than it appears in the photo on the website. Didn't do the back because it's still in excellent shape and may be difficult to remove. I'll leave it for now.
Op/tech Cam Strap arrived. I removed the old, thin, crappy strap and attached this new one-handed strap.


Lynx 14e

Circa 1969 - S/N 8111095 - manual exposure - 35 mm - fixed lens
Yashinon DX 1:1.4 45 mm, ϕ58

Camera arrived with a stuck shutter and broken light meter. Opening the top revealed that one of the wires connected to the LDR were broken; the other quickly broke too. The eBay seller was dismissive of my description and dragged out the complaint processes until it was too late to give him negative feedback.


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